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Multi-tiered Pricing

I offer a variety of sizes & options of multi-tiered cakes, to fit into your budget AND event design! 

To best assist you in your event, listed below are the average price ranges for my most requested cake sizes. Sizes are listed by it's diameter and individual tiers are typically about 5" tall. I do offer larger tiered cakes, up to 5+ tiers. View my standard wedding styles here.

Also listed is the price for each of these tiers to be a "dummy cake". Meaning the cake is completely made of styrofoam, but decorated to look 100% edible. A small section of one styrofoam tier is removed to allow for the cake cutting. Dummy cakes will be requested when cakes are displayed outside. This ensures your cake won't melt into a puddle, Southern heat is brutal.  Sheet cakes can then be utilized to feed guests. 

The final price for your order will depend on cake design, decor elements, and flavor(s). These prices do include delivery (if located in the Auburn/Opelika area) and tax (9%). 

To get your custom quote, fill out the wedding request form HERE. I am willing to work around any budget and request. Don't see what you are needing, just ask! 
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